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The Kai Fitness for Golf - Pro Golf Exercises - Package Includes:

8 golf fitness DVDs, workout band, golf exercise chart, nutrition guide & exercise booklet. 15 different golf workouts all designed to help you: hit the ball farther & more accurately, lower your score, and help you get into the best shape of your life.

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Kai's Golf Exercises Program for Golf Fitness

Annika Sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam had already established herself as one of the best woman golfers on the LPGA Tour when she first met Kai (2001). But she wanted to elevate her game even more. After just a few workouts with Kai, she knew that his workout program for golf would help take her game to heights few have ever experienced. Following Kai’s workout regimen, Annika gained 20-yards off the tee, and won an incredible 13 tournaments in 2002. Even though she no longer plays competitively, Annika still turns to Kai when it comes to working out.

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Annika Sorenstam

Take the Kai Challenge and win 9-Holes of golf and lunch with Annika Sorenstam

Introducing the Kai Challenge. We want to hear your Kai Fitness for Golf story. Send us your story: how much weight did you lose, how many yards have you added to your driver? Your 7-iron? How many strokes have you knocked off your game? Tell us your story and the winner will win 9-holes of golf with Annika Sorenstam, and lunch with Annika at The ANNIKA Academy ™ at the beautiful Reunion Resort just outside of Orlando, Fl.

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Kai Fusser

What is Kai Fitness for Golf?

Kai Fitness for Golf is the most comprehensive – and proven to work – golf fitness program ever developed for golf. Created by world-renowned fitness guru Kai Fusser, M.S., this is the same program used by many of the best golfers in the world, including Graeme McDowell winner of 2010 U.S. Open. The most famous golfer to employ the golf exercises, strategies and methodology of Kai Fitness for Golf is Annika Sorenstam.

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