How this works for Golf



Kai Fitness for Golf is all about building a strong core and executing the proper movements needed in order to make a consistent, repeatable, and explosively GOOD golf swing. Kai Fitness for Golf is also about injury prevention and prolonging your “healthy” playing life; and Kai’s revolutionary fitness program does this by getting your body stronger and teaching you how to make your body movements power-filled and efficient.


Kai Fitness for Golf is not routine where you need to work out for 60 minutes a day, six or seven days a week. This is an efficient program with little wasted movement or time. Kai Fitness is a 3-days a week, 15 to 45 minutes per workout – all can be accomplished in the home or at the gym, with minimal equipment. “Progressions” are always suggested for those of you that would like to make the program more difficult over time.


When following the Kai Fitness for Golf program, you learn how to use your entire muscular system in unison so you can complete a good, accurate golf swing every time. When you work on your game at the range, the feedback you receive is minimal. You focus on ball flight, and depending on how the ball flies, you make a determination on what is going on with your swing. But Kai Fitness teaches you to determine your swing by the power and ability of your body. You perfect the movements of golf, off of the course, burning the appropriate movements and strengths into your muscle memory – so there’s no guesswork on your swing after the fact, just small adjustments that you know how to implement properly.


With Kai Fitness for Golf, you will become stronger, gain greater control, power and endurance – all of the tools you need to master your game.