Who is Kai?


Kai Fusser, M.S. was first introduced to the world of fitness when he was just six. His father made him a 5-pound dumbbell, fabricating it from materials at his workplace and wrapping it in electrical tape. Kai hasn’t stopped lifting weights and working out since.


But, to Kai, being physically fit is more than just working out and building muscle. It’s strengthening the muscles necessary to perform particular moves; and this is where Kai finds the marriage between fitness and golf a thing of beauty. Hitting a golf ball requires the intricate movement of muscles; and strengthening those muscles through specific exercises is a science Kai enjoys exploring … and the successes he has experienced have been great.


Kai has helped Hall of Fame golfers reach new heights and turn average golfers into championship golfers, and he continues to help golfers of all abilities – male and female – to add power, distance, and control to their games. In fact, one of Kai’s most famous pupils – Annika Sorenstam – was looking to add to her incredible arsenal.



Annika had already established herself as the top female golfer in the world. But she wanted more distance and more control. After meeting Kai at a local YMCA, she was convinced his methodology was the right system to follow. Less than 6 months later, Annika had gained more than 20 yards with her driver and improved her accuracy. The result? In 2002, Annika put together one of the greatest seasons in the history of golf, winning 13 tournaments. In 2003, she played against the men at Colonial and had no problem keeping up with them.



Overall, golfers who have worked with Kai including Graeme McDowell, Jonas Blixt, Anna Nordqvist, Karen Stupples, and Batrice Recari, have won more than a dozen majors and over 100 tournaments worldwide. Also, Kai has helped professional and amateur athletes in other sports as well – in fact, water skiers and wake boarders whom Kai has worked with have also won more than 100 championships including several in the X-Games and Gravity-Games. Former NBA All-Star Grant Hill and 1998 Indianapolis 500 Champion Eddie Cheever also turned to Kai for fitness.


Today, Kai runs the golf fitness program at the Annika Academy ™ and helps all golfers improve their game without ever placing a golf club in their hands. He does it through a fitness routine that is proven and tested to work, therefore, he was featured in such publications as Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, the USA Today, Golf Fitness Magazine, and more. Kai’s philosophy is “Efficiency through Perfect Movement” – and in terms of golf swing, this means it’s the sum of all muscles in our body working together at the right time and the right volume. This ensures great efficiency, as the loads on the body are distributed throughout the whole system, with every muscle doing its part, as they all help each other.



“ The key to Kai Fitness for Golf is that every exercise/routine has been designed exclusively to help golfers improve specific movements in the golf swing – making it easier to add distance and control to a golfer’s game and ultimately lowering their scores. ”