Efficiency Through Perfect Movement


Golfers benefit from efficient movement.  This same principle underlies Kai’s workout program.  It is not enough to do the reps.  Each exercise must be done precisely to maximize the physical return and to avoid injury.


Working out with Kai



Workout Principles


Doing the exercise properly can be more important than just doing the exercise. Kai demonstrates how to properly execute some key movements.

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Why Kai Fitness For Golf


Kai Fusser explains the Kai Fitness for Golf program and why it is important for your game.

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The four minute cardio program relies on High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT. Get all the benefits of cardio in a fraction of the time.

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How to properly incorporate stretching into your golf fitness routine.

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Fitness Articles



5 Exercises To Increase Your Golf Driving Distance


  Do you feel like you’re not doing a great job driving the ball across the green? It’s not exactly a secret, but increasing your driving distance doesn’t only rely on proper stance

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Tina's Corner



Tips for Staying Hydrated While Playing Golf


  Did you know that an average golfer walks close to seven miles during a round of golf and does 80 to 100 strokes per game? Without adequate nourishment, a seemingly simple golf

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Are you getting enough Vitamin D?


Over 200 Million North Americans are Vitamin D deficient!

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Portion Size 101: How to Determine How Big Your Food Portions Are


In a world where 21-ounce cans of soda containing 210 calories and 58 grams of sugar is considered medium size

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How to Turn Everyday Activities into High Calorie Burning Activities


Now we know that any physical activity will burn calories, the question is how can we maximize the amount of calories burned?

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Dealing with Injuries



Use Your Golf Ball for a Relaxing Mini-Massage


  A great golf fitness program should include not just proper exercises, but breaks from training as well. Some golfers even resort to massages and other relaxation methods to relieve the pain from

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An Examined Look at Golfer’s Elbow


  Golfer’s elbow is a condition that can cause pain and inflammation in the tendons connected to the forearm and elbow. Just like tennis elbow, this condition manifests on the bony bump on

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Foot and Ankle Golf Injuries: Treatment and Prevention


  Foot and ankle injuries from golf may not occur as often as hand and elbow injuries, but they all stem from traumatic blows and overuse. Some might be sustained after your rounds,

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How Your Golfing Gear Can Cause Injuries


  If you think faulty techniques and prolonged playing are the only causes of golf injuries, think again — golf equipment can endanger your safety, too! Read on to find out how you

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