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Read the latest articles for best fitness golf exercises and practices from Kai and the other practitioners of the Kai Fitness for Golf Program. Get pro tips and insights, as well as read stories, testimonials, and experiences you can utilize to be on your way towards wellness and fitness.



The Golfer’s Swing Conditioning Checklist


  Having a strong core helps in playing golf, but it takes more than golf fitness to complete an accurate golf swing. Learning the proper movements play a key role in your performance,

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Best Everyday Practices for Golf Fitness


  Did you know that professional golfers usually spend around three hours a day just to work on proper swinging? If you’re wondering how a daily golf practice done correctly looks like, here’s

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Top Three Components of Golf Conditioning


Golf is one of those sports that looks simpler than it actually is. The truth is, you’ll need to be more than physically fit if you want to play golf excellently. Professional golfers

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How to Improve Your Shoulder Turn for Golfing


Learning the correct golf shoulder turn is an essential lesson for golfers of all levels. It’s also a good starting point for everyone who wants to stay fit for every golf game. A

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Golf Fitness: A Golfer’s Guide to Strength Training


  As everybody is built differently, a player should know how to maximize his/her strength for golf power plays and sustained stamina. Strength in golf is not measured through ripped muscles and toned

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Golf Exercise – Wood chop up


Have the shoulders face the cable with extended arms (not locked), keep the triangle be­tween the arms and shoulders intact. Sit into your back leg with a loose grip and engage the abs.

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