Best Everyday Practices for Golf Fitness



Did you know that professional golfers usually spend around three hours a day just to work on proper swinging? If you’re wondering how a daily golf practice done correctly looks like, here’s a 45-minute golfing routine to continuously improve your skills while keeping yourself fit:


  1. Practice the Full Swing (15:00)

Consider changing your golf equipment from time to time so that you don’t become dependent on a single type of club only. You can alter the shot shape, club selection, target, and ball for practicing in different scenarios.


Try placing each club you use on the ground, and use the shaft to check if your stance line is square to your target line. Afterwards, you should try practice shots by performing as if you’re hitting a real shot on the golf course. Take note of your body’s axis every time you take a shot. You can also practice swing control by hitting the ball to the right and then left of the stake.


  1. Around the Green (15:00)

When practicing, you should alternate among chips, pitches and bunker shots. Don’t just practice in ideal conditions — you can set up uneven golf lines so that you can get yourself used to dealing with different game scenarios.


Practicing on the putting green also means honing your ability to master the right distance. You can do this by laying out three clubs on the putting green at the distances of 10, 20, and 30 feet away. Next, put three balls to each distance marker. Do this regularly so that you’ll learn how to make four and five-foot putts easily.


  1. Putting (15:00)

Practice bringing the putter face through the impact zone correctly by performing putting drills. For starters, there’s “2-Ball”, a putting drill created by sports psychologist Morris Pickens and Stewart Cink. Here’s how it’s done: juxtapose two golf balls without them touching each other. Next, line up like how you would for any putt, and put a good putting stroke before hitting each ball simultaneously. As you hit the balls, you can observe closely how each ball takes off. If they both have the same speed, that means you’re returning the putter face to the address point the right way.


For dedicated players, exercising doesn’t begin and end with working out a few days before the game — like most athletes, you need to undergo a daily routine to maintain your golf fitness. Daily practice does wonders to your gameplay and health, so it’s best to keep working on your skills on a regular basis.


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