Golf Fitness: A Golfer’s Guide to Strength Training


Golf Fitness: A Golfer's Guide to Strength Training   As everybody is built differently, a player should know how to maximize his/her strength for golf power plays and sustained stamina. Strength in golf is not measured through ripped muscles and toned abs – in fact, they might even result in poor ball striking and muscle imbalance.


What are the essentials and core concepts of strength training in golf? Read on and increase your golf fitness:


Strength training is not synonymous with power training.

As previously mentioned, excess bulk is not the basis for strength; working out an isolated part excessively may hinder your swing and even increase your chances of getting injured. Additionally, when you have very limited time to work out, the classic bodybuilding approach is not suitable for you. Don’t isolate; integrate.

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Core stability is a must.

Core stability refers to the ability to move and hold one’s torso in various positions while at play. Since golf requires total body movement, to gain control means having a strong connection between your upper and lower body – control over your coordination, timing and swing mechanics.

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Frequency, sets, and repetitions do the trick.

There are studies showing that muscles gain greater strength when trained 2 to 3 days per week following a total body workout – a little more or less than this doesn’t give much in terms of benefits. As for duration, approximately 20-30 minutes of strength training is enough.

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Avoid being fatigued.

Muscle fatigue not only pertains to players being bone-tired or exhausted; it also means less stimulation of the nerves that govern muscle contraction, which you greatly need for swing precision. In a good strength training program, have exercises that promote an improved aerobic system that makes you super fit and less fatigued.

Pro Tip: Watch the Kai Fitness for Golf “Super Fit” Program, which consists of fast and high-intensity workouts dedicated to keeping your body super fit and helping you achieve your perfect golf form.   When combined with speed and power training, golf strength training leads to both a healthy and fit body, which in turn equate to better focus – and all of these combined result in good form and explosive plays. Keep all these in mind to be more than satisfied with your golf performance.


Kai believes that his golf philosophy, “efficiency through perfect movement”, will help you gain greater control, add more distance and power to your game, become stronger mentally, prevent injury, and get into great physical shape through proper weight training.


Download the Kai Fitness for Golf DVD Package and instantly notice improvements on the course and in yourself.

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