How to Improve Your Shoulder Turn for Golfing


How to Improve Your Shoulder Turn Learning the correct golf shoulder turn is an essential lesson for golfers of all levels. It’s also a good starting point for everyone who wants to stay fit for every golf game. A proper shoulder turn can help a lot of your moves including your set-up, backswing, impact, and follow through. Moreover, the mobility you gain from turning your shoulders also allows you to improve your club speed and distance.   Shoulder turn is pretty easy to learn and highly recommended to be incorporated into your early golf exercises. Make a huge difference for your next move in the game and prevent injuries by knowing the do’s and don’ts in shoulder turn.


How to Rotate Your Shoulders the Right Way You can practice these steps every time you begin your golf exercises. Including it regularly in your golf fitness routine enables your body to get used to the correct shoulder turn.


  • It’s easier to remember the right turn by remembering that your shoulders must turn perpendicular to the spine.
  • Rotating your shoulders on a tilted axis enables you to swing on the correct path and make proper center-face contact. By rotating in this manner, the left shoulder moves down and the right shoulder moves up during the backswing and vice-versa.
  • Make sure that you’re in a forward-tilted position so that your shoulders can tilt by bending from the hips, and lifting your arms to carry your club above. With this position, your front shoulder doesn’t get behind the ball.
  • Before starting your swing, relax your shoulders, arms and hands. Make a full turn by keeping your chin up at address to allow your shoulder to pass underneath it.

Avoid Incorrect Shoulder Turns Rotating your shoulders the wrong way results to poor contact or pulled shots. While practicing your shoulder turn, look out for these moves and make sure to stop doing them as early as now!


  • Rotating your shoulders back and through level with the ground can give you problems with executing a proper golf swing.
  • Don’t hold your breath when rotating your shoulders. Also, don’t rotate your shoulders too rapidly since you might injure some parts of your body.
  • To get the correct shoulder plane when rotating, always remind yourself that a golf club is not swung on a plane parallel with the ground, since the plane is tilted.Don’t forget to constantly improve on your shoulder turn so that you can stay on plane during your swing, and you’ll be more flexible when initiating your swing with your hips. Stay dedicated to keep yourself for golf!


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