The Golfer’s Swing Conditioning Checklist




Having a strong core helps in playing golf, but it takes more than golf fitness to complete an accurate golf swing. Learning the proper movements play a key role in your performance, and this can only be perfected through constant conditioning. To help you gain greater control, power and endurance to master your game, we’ve prepared this golf swing conditioning checklist:


  • Make sure to select a golf club that has the right length. Club fitting is available in prop shops and golf-specialty stores. As for the type of club: graphite shafts are recommended for younger players, whereas steel shafts are suited for senior golfers for reduced vibration and greater stability.
  • Wear soft spikes on your golf shoes for walking. Gearing up with the right type of shoes is as important as choosing the right club, since wet and hard ground conditions together with prolonged walking can give golfers injuries such as heel pain.
  • Learn the proper lifting techniques. Practicing movement in golf also involves preparing for getting around the golf course. In fact, careless golfers injure themselves before even reaching the course when lifting their golf bags out of the car. Using a pull car to get the clubs around the green will reduce back strain, but for players with pre-existing back problems, you can choose to push the cart instead of pulling it.
  • Practice your swing mechanics regularly and commit yourself to weekly strength training. This can be accomplished easily by following a set of golf fitness program videos that are suited for golfers who don’t want to spend too much for fitness equipment or prefer completing their daily golf routine at home.
  • Perform a quick warm-up: hit a few golf balls and go through all of your clubs, including the drivers. Your warm-up should always include flexibility, strength and cardiovascular exercises.
  • After playing, don’t forget to stretch your elbow, hip and back muscles after playing for a proper cool-down and to lessen the risk of injury and fatigue.


When it comes to training aspiring golfers, Kai Fusser and the team always believe that learning the proper way to move your body through an efficient golf fitness program has a direct impact on making your golf swings more accurate and less dangerous. Take the path to a safe and fulfilling golf performance by conditioning yourself for golf regularly.


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