Top Three Components of Golf Conditioning


Golf is one of those sports that looks simpler than it actually is. The truth is, you’ll need to be more than physically fit if you want to play golf excellently. Professional golfers don’t just sit back and relax whenever they’re not playing golf, and they surely don’t rely on pure luck and equipment for a winning shot. Like all other athletes, they constantly improve their performance with conditioning exercises.


Importance of Golf Conditioning

Your moves in golf may always be identical (or even repetitive), but that alone doesn’t let you condition your body. In short, overuse does not equate to conditioning. Moreover, something as basic as a golf swing requires swift and coordinated movement from different muscle groups that can stretch the capacity of your body over time.


Your body has to get used to the swings and turns when playing golf, and this can only be achieved through a conditioning program. Physical conditioning for golf will help you increase the distance of your shorts and significantly reduce the risk of injuries. But what exactly do you need to develop for optimal golf fitness?


Three Essential Components of Golf Conditioning

Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength are at the heart of golf conditioning:


Cardiovascular Exercises

It’s a mistake not to give cardio the same amount of attention as flexibility or strength, since it’s equally important in golf — walkers cover a walking distance of 4-5 miles each round, and even cart riders cannot totally skip on walking because of rules and wrong shots. Cardio builds your endurance for this activity, and relieves you from feeling exhausted when walking in between rounds. Include cardiovascular exercises in your golf exercises to effectively combat fatigue when playing golf.


Flexibility and Mobility Exercises

Avoid sprains and strains with flexibility training that stretches your muscles, ligaments, and tendons in a progressive yet controlled scheme. This way, it will be less stressful for your body to perform golf swings that can challenge the limits of your body’s motion. Aside from improving your body’s stress tolerance, flexibility and mobility training can drastically enhance your swing. When choosing flexibility exercises, experts recommend to add ones that focus on trunk mobility, which is considered to be the most important part of flexibility conditioning for golf.


Strength Training

Golf clubs are not as heavy as barbells, but you’ll still need strength training to improve shoulder turn, stability, and endurance. It can also target your hips for increased strength and coordination for more powerful backswings. Lastly, you can reduce the impact of shots by strengthening your forearm muscles, preventing lead injuries from meddling with your performance.


Invest in a Golf Conditioning Program That Suits You

If you’re too busy to schedule training sessions with a golf coach, you can invest in a golf fitness program videos that deliver the same lessons and results for your enhancing your game. There are effective fitness videos designed for golfers who can only spare three days a week to train and condition themselves properly!


Download the complete Kai Fitness for Golf DVD Package for a complete set of golf conditioning exercises to change your game for the better.


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