Golf Nutrition: The Golfer’s Ideal Diet



Just like any other sport, you need a powerful combination of regular exercise and proper diet to significantly enhance your golf gameplay. Think of it as part of your improvement strategy — eating the right kind of food in the recommended amount prevents risks in the future and actively contributes to the growth of your stamina and strength, therefore increasing your chances of winning with a superb golfing performance.


Sticking with a solid golf meal plan can do wonders for your health. You can follow this diet regimen to get a load of healthy food choices just for golfers.

Start the day with a good mix of protein, healthy fat and complex carbs with a hard-boiled egg and apple. Basic as it may sound, this combo establishes steady blood-sugar levels. Another great option is to go with a superfood smoothie breakfast, where you can also get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to boost your performance, mental clarity, and recovery.   If you’re preparing before a game, pump up your brain and stay hydrated by drinking at least 500 ml of water, since feeling dehydrated can slow down your brain.

Trade your bottles of beer for two glasses of water at every turn! Every four or five holes, fill yourself healthy snacks such as sliced fruits or nuts to keep your energized for the next tee. If you think you really need something heavier than a fruit, then opt for turkey jerky, which supplies good proteins to your brain.

As The Game Comes to a Close…
A few minutes after finishing your round, you can repair muscle torque and shear by eating some protein. You’ll need more fuel and energy, so this is the right time to grab steaks with vegetables, or a chicken salad with rice. If you really want to drink alcohol, you must have food and water accompanying it to fight off the buzz.


While maintaining a golfer’s lifestyle, there’s no need to be too rigid with choosing your food — you don’t have to entirely give up every junk food or sweet treat that satiates you.

At the end of the day, moderation is the key for a golfer’s diet success. Limit yourself to eating every kind of food by eating it in small portions, and always drink water before, during and after your game.

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