Kai Fitness Golf Nutrition Tips for Pre-Game Meals


Golf can be a pretty dynamic and energy-consuming game, so it is best that you carefully plan your pre-game meal.


To give you an idea of how many calories you burn and the amount of energy you expend during an average game, here are some numbers for you:


  • An average round of golf is 227 minutes and players walk a minimum of 9000 meters.
  • Players lose an average of 2.5 pounds (1.2 kg) per round.
  • Players expend around 2000 to 2500 calories per round.
  • 1kg body weight lost = 1L fluids lost = 1.5L to rehydrate


What do these numbers imply, then? Your meals should be enough to sustain you for the whole duration of the game. What should you eat? What is the most optimum time to eat? What kind of proteins and carbohydrates should I include? Learn the importance of pre-game meals in these golf nutrition information and tips:


When is the best time to eat before a game?

This question should have follow-up questions for you to consider: Are you eating a small or a large meal? What is the recommended amount to eat before a game?


Though the amount of food intake before a game is subjective due to tolerance, you should gauge yourself if you could perform better by eating either a small or large meal. It usually takes 3 or 4 hours for the former to be fully digested, and logically, it takes a shorter time to digest the latter. However, should you choose a combination of light meal and snacks in between rounds, make sure that these can give you energy that can last until your game ends.


What kind of food should I eat?

There are studies showing that fully digesting 140 to 330 grams of carbohydrates before exercise can increase athletic performance, and this is because blood glucose levels are maintained due to increased muscle and liver glycogen during exercise. Here are some components of a well-balanced pre-game meal:


  • High in carbohydrates to maximize glycogen stores;
  • Low in fat and fiber to facilitate gastric emptying and minimize gastrointestinal distress; and
  • Moderate in protein (as an extra 5-10% oxygen is needed for it to be digested, translating into more energy expended).


3-4 hours before the game: Whole wheat spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce, chicken sandwich with soup, omelet with toast.


1 hour before the game: Fresh fruit (bananas) & nuts, whole wheat bagel & light cream cheese, yogurt & fruit, cereal with skimmed milk.


How about my water intake?

Though it’s quite obvious that hydration is pretty important, there are some guidelines as to how much you should take in to aid in your digestion.


  • 2 hours before: Approximately 500 mL
  • 30 minutes before: Approximately 250 mL
  • 15 minutes before: Approximately another 250 mL
  • Game proper: 100 mL every 10 minutes


Keeping these in mind primes you to be at your top condition and to deliver an explosive performance. If you optimize the type of food you consume, the right amount according to your body metabolism, and your eating time, your body’s needs will be attended to and all you have to do is focus on aiming for a hole-in-one!

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