Recovering from Golf through Food


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Did you know that a typical golf game (including walking and carrying golf equipment on the course) burns around 330 calories per hour? That being said, you need to have proper golf-optimized nutrition even after playing golf. Check out this recovery nutrition strategy we’ve prepared for both amateur and professional golfers:


Recovery Meals to Get Back Easily

Your balanced diet should consist of nutrients that help your body restore the fluids and electrolytes that you lost during your playing rounds, as well as give your muscles the power to bounce back for the next game.


You can eat carbohydrate and protein snacks such as juicy fruits, crunchy vegetables, chocolate milk, dairy products, fruit smoothies, whole grains and lean meat within 15 to 30 minutes after your round or practice. These meals not only replace fluids, but also supply protein and carbohydrates to your body for muscle growth.


Speaking of meat, you need to look for foods with omega-3 fats to avoid inflammation and exhaustion. Try skipping steaks for a while and get a load of salmon, sardines, black cod, and herring instead, which are known to be great sources for omega-3 fats.


While Meals Matter, Water Also Plays a Role

Sport dietitians found out that a mere 1% drop in your hydration levels can negatively affect your golf performance. You can monitor your fluid levels by checking your weight before and after your round — every kilogram of weight you’ve lost is 1 liter of water you need to drink after the round. And you have to drink a bit more, since it’s recommended to replace 150%  of what you have lost during the round.


If you want a tastier alternative to water, take a swig of coconut water, which is suitable for both electrolyte and carbohydrate replacement. You can either mix it with one part water or drink it fresh.


As part of your recovery program, your golf diet should support your muscles and hydrate your body when the game is over. Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best practices that you should sustain as a budding golfer.


For more golf nutrition tips, don’t forget to visit Tina Fusser’s Nutrition Corner, filled with easy-to-follow advice to jumpstart your golfer’s diet.


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