How many days a week should you work out?

The program is laid out to do three (3) full workouts per week, and I recommend a rest day between each workout. You want to make sure that you give 100% on each of these workouts, 100% physical effort, as well as 100% concentration in order to get the full benefit. More is not better; the quality will make the difference!


What fitness equipment do I need to complete the video workouts?

You only need a minimal amount of fitness equipment to follow along with the Kai Fitness for Golf videos. First of all if you purchase the DVDs, you get a workout band. Then we recommend dumbbells and a physioball. That is all you need to get started. As you progress in your workouts, we would recommend a chin up bar (door frame).


How difficult are the workouts?

The way the workouts are set up is that every exercise has progressions meaning that you can always start at your fitness level. You will also see that there are 2 students working out on the screen, one doing the “gym” version and one doing the “home” version, which is generally the easier one. Think of it this way, any exercise can be adjusted from easy to hard by either increasing resistance, decreasing stability or increasing speed, all of that is well addressed within the video series. After all Kai’s program is about learning how to move right and improve your golf game, it’s not just about being crazy intense and “go-go-go.”


Does it matter what video I start with?

It is important to start with Phase 1, and then follow the Phases throughout. The Phases are designed in a system to build up your body to get ready for the next Phase, which also means you should stay very close to the length of Phase recommended. Jumping right into Phase 2, 3, or 4 or skipping a Phase could lead to injury. All my athletes go through the same Phases even if they are already very fit.


What is the difference between the 1/2″ and 1/4″ workout bands?

The 1/2″ workout band will create more resistance than the 1/4″ workout band. The simple rule to follow is, if you are starting to add fitness back into your life, it is better to start out with the 1/4″ workout band and create some resistance. If you are fit and do consistently work out, then the 1/2″ work out band will create a greater resistance for you and your workout.


How important is it to follow your nutrition guide?

What you eat is what your body is made of, so that answers a lot. In order to maximize your efforts for your workouts I suggest to follow the nutritional guide as close as possible. Of course you can and should have some of your own recipes as long as the ingredients follow the guide. Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of your food intake should be as good as possible which gives you 20 % for some “fun” foods.


What should I do on the days I don’t work out?

Be active! That means you should get some good walks in (30 min or more), play golf or any other sport that you like. You can also take some classes if you like i.e. yoga, Pilates, spinning etc. Just remember that these classes should not get in the way of your Kai Fitness for Golf workouts. You need full attention and energy for those in order to get the full benefit to help you with your golf and health goals. Just make sure to take a day off of any workout per week, rest is very important.


Please explain progressions.

Progressions are very important, without them it is very hard to “progress”. Our body needs to be challenged and stimulated constantly, you raise the demand, and your body will adapt – that’s a very natural process. Before you add a progression, first make sure you can perform the exercise perfect. The first progression would be adding resistance or weight, after reduce some stability i.e. standing on one leg or using a balance board, after that you can add some speed. I show many progressions with the exercises and they are also listed with every exercise in the workout manual.


What is a superset?

A super set is the combination of two (2) sets of different exercises performed back-to-back. Most of the time the two exercises are of opposite muscle groups which means they will not interfere with each other. i.e. biceps and triceps, as the biceps get tired from the set you would work out the triceps right after, it may even be beneficial as the tired muscle group will not “pull” against the opposite muscle group when worked out which means you may be able to use a little more weight. It also saves time as you don’t need to take a break in between supersets.


How do the workouts for Super Fit figure into the system?

Super Fit is fun. These are very hard workouts that don’t take too much time. They are very challenging and I recommend you go through Phase 1 and 2 first before you dive into these. When you first try them, I also recommend you pace yourself (maybe less weight, reps or speed) and then work your way up. You can use them as a test of your fitness level as well. They also give you an example of how you can put a tough and efficient workout together with a mix of different exercises.


Does the workout replace the need for golf instruction?

No! The workouts will help you get stronger, more balanced, more flexible, more powerful, etc. They will also provide you a better feel for your body and its movements. Most importantly you will learn how to move efficiently, and in the correct way to benefit your swing. With the swing fault exercises you will also be able to teach your body the right golf movements and eliminate many of the common swing faults – like sliding of the hips, off-sequence, dipping, the reverse “c”, and many more. As much this can help you with your swing and game, I would still suggest to take some quality golf lessons, a good swing coach will be able to detect some swing faults you may not be aware of. The swing is a very intricate movement, and little faults can creep in quickly. The combination of the benefits from this workout program, the swing fault exercises, and a good coach can really maximize you potential!


Why should I record my time “sitting” on the calendar?

Sitting is one of the biggest culprits of many “manmade” illnesses, it effects the circulatory, respiratory, intestinal and skeletal systems. Writing down the hours of sitting every day will help you be more aware and hopefully you will incorporate some activities to reduce the sitting time. Walk or stand whenever you can, even in the office try to stand during phone calls, get up and do some squats every hour, get a stand up desk etc., be inventive, it will pay off and may even safe your life!


Why should I mark down my walks?

Walking is the “anti-sitting”, walking is just so healthy and important for us, there is lots of research out supporting that. It stimulates all your bodily systems but is also very good for your mind. Don’t turn your walks into a workout now, just get a good 20 – 60 minute walk in every day if possible, it can make a big difference in your health. So here to record your walks, it will create more awareness.