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The IndoOriginal is the easiest model to learn on offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities. See full description below.

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The IndoOriginal is the easiest model to learn on offering hours of fun for riders of all ages and abilities. The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the ground. Designed for fun while exercising the core muscles involved in balance.


Balance is one of the most important factors for a good, controlled and consistence golf swing. Without balance the swing turns into hard work as unwanted and uncontrolled moves have to be compensated for with extra movements and energy. Therefore balance training should be part of every workout on a regular basis.


The Indo Board is a great tool to improve and maintain good balance, most exercises that are performed standing up can be done standing on the board.


As the board sits freely on the cushion it has to be balanced in all directions requiring your nervous system to constantly activate the correspondent stabilizing muscles. It is virtually impossible to keep the board completely still. The objective is to control the movement above the board, meaning to keep the body axis straight even while handling a load like a dumbbell.


As you are working on your balance you are also strengthening your stabilizing muscles which are important to stabilize and protect your joints.


I suggest using the Indo Board on a regular basis, when starting out just standing on the board can be a challenge, when comfortable start performing some exercises like a dumbbell curl, a shoulder rotation or squat while standing on the board. Off course you can’t use heavy weights while on the board, leave that for staying on the ground and building strength.


The improved balance and stability will show up in your game: more accuracy through control, more control of uneven lye’s and bunker shots, even more control for putting by creating a more stable base.


Get your Indo Board and improve your game!

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