Golf is not a go-go-go sport. In fact, golf is unique in that you are constantly turning your body “on and off”, and the “on” moments are for such a short period of time. The 4-minute cardio routine is very similar. You turn your body on full power for a short period of time and then relax for a longer period of time, preparing your body for the next full power period.



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Handicap Calculator


Free Way to Estimate a USGA Handicap Index


So you don’t have an official USGA Handicap Index, but you’d like to know what yours would be if you did have one. That’s where this free golf handicap calculator comes in.


Maybe you’re just curious to know what your handicap is. Perhaps you need a handicap (or at least an estimate of one) to play in a group outing, charity tournament or corporate golf event. Whatever – this calculator has you covered.


To use this calculator, you’ll need a minimum of five, 18-hole golf scores, plus the USGA Course Rating and USGA Slope Rating of the golf courses where you played those rounds (those numbers can usually be found on scorecards).



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Calorie Counter


How many calories do you burn during your daily activities or exercise routines?

Do the math! Use our calculator to find out how long it takes you to burn them off.


To Calculate Calories Burned:

Simply enter your body weight and the average time you spend during one of the exercises or activities, and click on “Compute Calories Burned”. The number of calories burned for the time you specified will be calculated for each exercise and activity.



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