3 Harmful Golf Techniques You Need to Stop Doing


3 Golf may not look like a physically demanding sport on the surface, but it takes more than a powerful swing and proper posture to play it well. Learning the different skills for playing golf can work to your advantage, but as you develop your own playing style, beware of some techniques that can cause acute aches and injuries. Here are the top three golf techniques you need to get rid of:



Casting the club means using excessive wrist action in your back swing in attempting to achieve a wider range of motion and greater force when hitting the ball. By doing so, you are using your arms instead of your core to achieve a longer shot. This action creates eccentric contraction of the “lead” arm and concentric contraction of the forearm flexors on the other forearm, which can injure your elbow when done repeatedly. The strain is more common in women and people who have weak trunk muscles or spine with low flexibility.



It’s not the dance move, but the motion is quite similar — golfers that sway try to generate momentum by shifting their hips backward with the backswing, and then swaying forward as they’re heaving the club through the air. If you don’t have strong hips or you consistently rely on this technique, you become more prone to experiencing back and hip problems, such as low back pain syndrome.


Weight Shift

If you haven’t learned the proper shifting of weight by now, then the success of your swing is stymied. Golfers who fail to transfer their weight from the back foot to the front foot when swinging their club also use a shoulder turn or thoracic spine rotation for creating club head speed. This complicated and risky technique can lead to rib stress fractures, thoracic sprains, rotator cuff injuries, and back problems.


Solution: Observe and Practice

Think about it for a moment — during those times that you were playing golf, have you been guilty of committing one or two of these techniques? It’s possible that you may have been doing this unconsciously for a while, so you should thoroughly examine yourself the next time you practice playing golf. This way, you can take note of how you move your body according to your playing style. Alert yourself and take a pause when you notice you’ve committed the wrong move. Keep on practicing until you’ve eliminated these risky techniques.


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