Avoiding Lead Injuries When Playing Golf


Avoidinglead injuriesin playing golf Sustaining an injury can deal a heavy blow to your game, or worse, your entire golf career. Whether you’re out of shape, guilty of faulty techniques or lacking warm-up, you can be prone to be lead injuries, which can downplay your golf performance.


Without proper prevention, these lead injuries can strike both amateur and professional golfers. Fortunately, though, there are easy ways on how to avoid sustaining them before or during playing golf. Read on to identify the common golf lead injuries and how to avoid them:


Lead Wrist

Wrists injuries usually result from overuse, poor swing mechanics or trauma. If you’re “casting” the club — meaning you’re swinging your club as if you’re flinging it. This can lead to a pain at the back of the wrist. Similarly, swinging hard and catching the club in the long grass can cause wrist tendon or bone damage.


How to Avoid Lead Wrist: When training, focus on strengthening your core and forearms. You can also use larger grips and switch from steel shaft to graphite shaft. When playing, keep your wrists and hands parallel to each other.


Lead Elbow

Although less common than lead wrist, lead elbow injuries can seriously incapacitate golfers, too. Lead elbow injuries are typically caused by the tearing of extensor tendons on the outside of the elbow due to the shock of impact or swing. The tendon, which suffers from excessive wrist motion, can experience pain and inflammation leading to elbow tendonitis.


How to Avoid Lead Elbow: The same prevention procedure applies to lead elbow injuries — strengthening your forearm muscles can condition your arms for your swings. To reduce the jarring shock in the arm when hitting the golf balls, consider fixing your form and lifting your club properly, slowing your golf swing to the correct pace.


Lead Shoulder

Faulty backswings are the primary suspect for lead shoulder injuries. This happens when you keep your left arm tight to your chest as you swing back which results to the tearing of the labrum that stabilizes your shoulder. Labral tear or torn cartilage makes golfers feel uncomfortable due to the pain in the back of the shoulder.


How to Avoid Lead Shoulder: Learning the correct swing eliminates the risk of lead shoulder. The key is to turn more and swing less — your arms should stop swinging as soon as your body stops turning back. Swing your arms with your turn and not with the muscles in your shoulders.


Preventing lead injuries requires every golfer to stay in shape and maintain proper form and grip when playing. Stretching exercises and warm-ups should never be forgotten before the game in order to condition not just your wrists, elbows and shoulders but your entire body for your turn. Don’t make the mistake of taking golf injuries for granted since they can become chronic problems.


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