How Your Golfing Gear Can Cause Injuries



If you think faulty techniques and prolonged playing are the only causes of golf injuries, think again — golf equipment can endanger your safety, too! Read on to find out how you can avoid getting injured by your own golfing gear.


Golf Ball

A golf ball may be tiny, but it can deal great damage when propelled at high speeds. The chances of being struck with a golf ball are statistically low; however, some accidents involving ball strikes can cause life-threatening injuries.


Golfers may sustain head injuries when struck with golf balls; the most vulnerable part is the temporal area of the skull. To avoid golf ball accidents, don’t stand too close to golfers who are taking their shot, and get ready to hide and cover yourself when you hear someone warning you that there’s a golf ball coming your way. Alcohol consumption can also complicate head injury, so make sure you’re not intoxicated while playing on the golf course.


Golf Club

A study on accidental golf club injuries found out that over a 2-month period, around 33 patients sustained injuries from golf clubs; the majority of these were to the face and head, including three compound skull fractures.


The type of shaft material in a golf club actually affects your golf swing. Graphite golf clubs are known to be lighter and more flexible, while steel clubs are stiffer and heavier, which are preferred by advanced golfers. When starting in golf, don’t jump ahead and use steel clubs just because the pros use it, so that you can avoid the risk of getting lower back pain. Practice a lot first before you can switch from graphite to steel golf clubs.


Golf Bag

Carrying a 40-pound set of golf clubs for four hours is something every golfer has to tussle with — the bending and lifting motions can result in back or hip problems. Your shoulders will become elevated, which leads to shortening of the muscles and makes it difficult to let the arms fall down into the correct position once you set up.


If you prefer to keep on carrying your bag, use a double strap to give support to your body. You can also opt for for a trolley so that it becomes a lot easier for you to move around the course with your equipment. When you’re just starting out, there’s no need to carry a full set of 14 clubs in your bag — nine or 10 would do for an easier club selection.


Choosing the right equipment and staying alert when playing golf can make a huge difference for your safety. Playing golf can be fun, but don’t forget to watch out for any hazards that you may encounter on the course.


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