Tips for Staying Hydrated While Playing Golf


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Did you know that an average golfer walks close to seven miles during a round of golf and does 80 to 100 strokes per game? Without adequate nourishment, a seemingly simple golf game can become quite draining — and it’s no secret that dehydration leads to poor consistency, impairing your game. Don’t sweat it, though, as we’ve compiled some pointers and tips for preventing dehydration and choosing the right drink.


Symptoms of Dehydration

Aside from feeling thirsty and having a dry mouth, dehydrated golfers can also experience muscle stiffness, decreased golf flexibility, fatigue, weakness, and sluggishness. If you’re playing golf for several times a week, take note that dehydrating effects can last up to three days.


Under extreme heat, it can also be hard to concentrate during your turn. You might become dizzy if you don’t drink too soon. Hydrating yourself strengthens your body and brain against the hot and humid weather.


Optimal Hydration for Golfers

The recommended hydrating approach is to drink about 3 ounces of non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated liquid for every hole played. This can either be water or your preferred sports drink. This adds up to over one and a half liters during the whole round, which fuels your body and aids in your recovery.


During summer or extremely hot days, you can increase the consumption up to three liters. When exercising for golf under humid conditions, stay hydrated by keeping a bottle of water nearby and decrease your exercise intensity for the meantime.


Water is great, but you need to increase your sodium consumption during your game, so make sure to accompany your drink with salty snacks such as salted nuts or pretzels. This is because sodium helps maintain your electrolyte levels in the bloodstream.


Fluids That Cause Dehydration

Hydrating yourself on the golf course doesn’t mean that just any drink would do. For example, some people can’t help but drink beer during rounds. However, beer doesn’t keep golfers hydrated at all – it does the opposite. Alcoholic beverages promote dehydration and make you lose hand-eye coordination, which contributes to poor performance. In this case, you need take a break from drinking alcohol if you’re going to play golf for a few days.

In the middle of a fiery round, remember that keeping a bottle of your golf drink can help you ace the game. Stay hydrated so that you can remain focused and deliver a stunning game every round.


For more golf nutrition tips, don’t forget to visit Tina Fusser’s Nutrition Corner, filled with easy-to-follow advice to jumpstart your golfer’s diet.


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