Tips on How to Stay Safe on the Golf Course



Being alert while playing golf not only involves hitting golf balls in the proper direction, but also being attuned to your surroundings. Even though golf is a safe sport, complacency can pave the way for imminent danger — you can be too focused on your game that you end up forgetting rules on basic safety, which could result in sustaining injuries. Here are some tips to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of those around you on the golf course:


Keep Your Distance

When it’s your turn, it’s natural to concentrate on swinging your golf club, but you should still be mindful of people around you and ensure that they’re at a safe distance away from where you’re hitting the ball.


Always keep in mind to never swing a golf club when another golfer is nearby. Look ahead of you, to the left and to the right of the area where you’re aiming your shot. You might be unaware that your swing can hit someone on the back, or they might ruin your shot when they step on the space you could have stood on for a proper golfing pose.


Yell “Fore!”

“Fore!” is the international word of warning in golf, which lets golfers know that they need to take cover due to a badly hit ball heading their way. Yell this word as loudly as you can when you hit your drive farther than you expected, or a hook or slice takes your ball to an adjoining fairway.


And if you hear “fore!” being shouted in your direction, make yourself a smaller target and cover up immediately — crouch behind your golf bag, hide behind a tree or cart, or when you’re standing in an open area, cover your head with your arms. Don’t stand up as this increases the risk of your head or body being hit by a golf ball propelling at high speed.


Drive Safely

Read the safety label found in golf carts and follow the directions. While driving a golf cart along the cart paths isn’t hard to do, it’s important to observe the basic safety rules. When riding the golf cart, don’t hang your feet or go off-roading over a bumpy terrain. Watch out for other golf carts that you might cross paths with, and never drive at full speed around curves or down steep hills to prevent golf cart accidents.


Follow these tips for safety on the golf course to avoid accidents that can threaten your game. Remain alert and focused, and look after your fellow golfers to ensure their safety as well.


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