Tips to Develop a Strong Grip in Golf


Men's hands hold the putter firmly on the field golf course


When studying different driver grips, golfers have many things to consider, but one of the most important aspects of club grips is the strength enforced by the player. Here’s how you can improve your golf grip through practice.


Developing a Strong Golf Grips: Tips and Benefits

Grip strength is typically defined using a golfer’s non-dominant hand, i.e., a right-handed player’s left hand or a left-handed player’s right hand. For a strong golf grip, there should be a neutral grip centering the thumb on top of the club’s grip, and a V-shape formed by the thumb and forefinger that should point toward your player’s chin. Watching golf fitness program videos can give you a good demonstration of executing the proper V formation with your arms and body.


When it comes to deciding how strong you need your golf grip should be, it can depend on your dominant hand. For a right-handed player, the V formation should point toward the right ear or right shoulder. Getting yourself used to a V pointing toward your shoulder that corresponds to your dominant hand is the best for starting to average players.


With a stronger grip, the club will feel lighter, and it will be easier for you to handle on the backswing and absorb the impact. Even famous golf instructors believe that a player’s grip should be based on the position of the club face at the top of the backswing.


How to Hit Golf Balls with a Strong Golf Grip

Having a strong grip doesn’t mean holding on to the club very tightly. Professional golfers recommend that players use a light touch or a relaxed grip pressure to release the club easier and with full extension. Trying a stronger golf grip involves making a V-shape using your thumb and first finger of each hand, pointing towards your right shoulder. Next, aim to the left of the target, and then keep the club on target line for as long as possible by allowing your left arm to move away from your side as you follow through.

When you become successful at mastering strong grips, you will have very flat swing planes complemented with a lot of rotary motion. Strong grip is also helpful for players who use a lot of body motion, while players who rely more on their arms and hands only through an upright swing can benefit from a more neutral grip.

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