Use Your Golf Ball for a Relaxing Mini-Massage


Golf ball hold by a woman hand


A great golf fitness program should include not just proper exercises, but breaks from training as well. Some golfers even resort to massages and other relaxation methods to relieve the pain from their bodies before they launch into another workout routine. If you’re looking for an easy yet effective way to de-stress, try hand reflexology using your golf ball.


How Hand Reflexology Can Help Your Wellbeing

Reflexology is highly utilized to ease migraine headache, asthmatic symptoms, and sinus pressure. Eastern medicine states that hands have meridians that coordinate with your body’s organs and pressure points. Stimulating these pressure points can make you feel better and eliminate the risk of hand injuries. You can also grip the club without having so much tension concentrated on your hands.


What Makes Golf Ball Good for Reflexology

The properties of the golf ball are similar to the tools used in reflexology – its dimples and air pockets can cover more area and don’t require too much force to target your pressure points. The shape of the golf ball and the dimples also make it easier for you to grip the object. Moreover, there’s no need to be an expert in eastern medicine or study acupressure and acupuncture just to experience the benefits of using a golf ball to massage your hands.


How to Use Golf Ball for Reflexology

You simply need to interlock your fingers and clasp both hands together while keeping the golf ball between the palms. Keep rolling the ball between your palms to relieve tension in your hands. After a few minutes, you may unclasp your hands so you can roll the ball between the fingers for increased stretching. You can do this during your free time, or even during rounds.

Golf ball reflexology techniques are intended to relieve stress and minor pain, but these golf tips shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment of golf-related hand injuries. You should still seek medical attention if you’re experiencing severe pain in some areas of your body.


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