Who is Kai?

Kai was born in Germany and holds a Masters degree in Nautical Engineering from the University of Oldenburg in Germany.

His knowledge and experience from training super athletes like Annika Sorenstam, Grant Hill (NBA), Will Asher (Waterski), Eddie Cheever (Indy Racing) and many others is invaluable. He has been involved in professional sports since 1985, first as a competitive water skier, then as a coach and trainer in waterskiing and wake boarding.

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Efficiency through perfect movement

Why weight training for golf?

It is not that long ago that weight training was thought of as detrimental to the golf swing as well as for putting.

While it is true that the wrong approach to weight training can hurt your ability to move your body effectively for golf, there are many benefits you can expect to gain with the right kind of weight training.


Determines the ability to move an object (in your case, the golf club) or your body.


Critical for the production of power as it is an exponential factor.


The result of mass, strength and speed, and is a major factor in achieving distance as well as getting the ball out of the rough.

Range of Motion

The ability to move your limbs and torso in their intended range of motion; for golf it is important to develop a good range of motion in your shoulders, hips and spine.


The ability to stabilize your body during still stand (static stability during address position and put- ting) as well as movement (dynamic stability during acceleration and deceleration during the swing phase); stability is dependent on strength, balance and control of speed and rhythm.


The ability to control your body during static and dynamic move- ment.


The ability to perform at a desired level over a certain amount of time. There is muscular and cardiovascular endurance required in golf — you need to be able to repeat highly skilled moves over a long period of time, which requires more muscular endurance; the endurance level is also dependent on how efficient your movements are.


The ability to perform a movement, propel yourself or an object in the most efficient way without wasting energy or creating unnecessary stress on your body.


The ability to protect your body from the stress created in your joints and soft tissue during the swing and putting; this is dependent on the strength of the stabilizing muscles in the joints, the correct movement patterns, and efficiency.


The ability to use your body at its highest performance level for as long as possible. For my athletes, I call that their shelf life. It is the culmination of all of the above. What you teach your body and how you prepare it determines what you will have to work with in the future.
As you can see, all of the benefits that you want to gain through weight training are dependent on each other; therefore, the training has to be done with all of them in mind.
I can promise you from my experience that if you train right — with the right quality, intensity and quantity, and with the right support of nutrition and rest — that your body will perform at the level you expect it to and beyond.

Hitting Longer Shots with More Precision

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