Work with Kai


Work with Kai. In-person and online.

Want to add Kai’s expertise to your team to enhance your golf game? Learn firsthand how to apply Kai’s philosophy of ‘efficiency through perfect movement’ to your golf game. Schedule in-person time with Kai at Golfusion→, a new state-of-the-art, holistic golf training center in West Palm Beach Florida, USA.

No time to travel to Florida? No to worry. You can work with Kai at the convenience of your own gym or home. Well- tested by Kai during the pandemic, online personal training has evolved into a valuable tool. With so many golf students living abroad or traveling to tournaments, online training is a great solution to add Kai’s expertise to your game. FaceTime or WhatsApp video calls are well suited for effective personal online training sessions. Kai can train and evaluate movement patterns, power production and release, and instruct on exercises as needed to help improve your unique areas of your swing. Sign up today! Package rates available.